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We wish Rev. Dr. Warren Liebovitch blessings

Say goodbye to Rev. Dr. Warren Leibovitch

This Sunday October 25th will be the last time our incumbent Reverend Dr. Warren Leibovitch will be with us in Lindsay.
Due to the Covid restrictions we are living in, it is not possible for everyone to attend this service. The Re-Opening Committee and Wardens have been working diligently to accommodate as many people as possible on the 25th . There will be seating in the church proper and some overflow space available in the parish hall. If space is not available, there will be an opportunity to say good bye to Rev. Warren from 11:30 to 1:00 in the church courtyard.
Appropriate physical distancing and the wearing of masks will be required. In addition to the opportunity to say goodbye on the 25th , everyone is invited to record best wishes in a book that is presently in the church office. You may write a farewell note, record a memory, or include a good bye card. Office hours are 8:30 3:00 Monday to Thursday and 8:30 12: 3 0 on Friday. The book will be available during those times and during the reception on Sunday.

Please be sure to read the Reopening Protocol notes about services.

Download and/or print them here.

  • There will be one Sunday service at 10 a.m.
  • Beginning with the September 13th service, you will be required to register with the church office –indicating your intention to attend. This will help in limiting the number allowed per Provincial guidelines, as well as for tracking purposes. Call the office to sign up. 705-324-4666
  • Entrance/exit will be restricted to one door only–the east door on Russell Street.

 We will continue to post services, however they won’t be “live” at 10am.


Consider giving the same amount that you would normally give while in church as a Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR). Fill out the form here with whatever you can manage. And you can get it to us in a few ways: print off, fill out, and either:

A) mail into the Church office
B) drop off at the church during office hours
C) use the Locked mail box on the wall of the Russell St W. door
D) Call the office and ask for their form to be picked up
E) For the digitally savvy, scan the form, and attach it to an email and send to the office at office@st-pauls-lindsay.ca.

For one off donations, you can use Paypal, below.

Thank you.

Online Services

Our services will still be posted on our website each week for those who still are unable to come to the church.  However, the recorded service will be uploaded later on Sunday on St. Paul’s YouTube channel, and shared on Facebook. It won’t be uploaded here until Monday, so please visit YouTube or Facebook to watch on Sunday afternoon.   Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel and Facebook page.  Please visit our sermon page to watch current and past sermons/services.


Volunteers Needed!

For many years now St. Paul’s has depended on our fundraising events to maintain our church – and we think we’ve become pretty good at it. However, as time passes, it is becoming more and more difficult to find enough volunteers to ensure the success of these events.

If not already volunteering at some events, could you assist at our Strawberry Supper, our Fair Booth, Market Day, or some other event? Do you know of anyone who would volunteer – a student, a neighbour, a friend? We do work hard at these events but we have a lot of fun as well.
Please call Ray Marshall at 705-878-8653, or email to rayemarshall53@gmail.com to see how you could help your church.