"To know Jesus and make Him known."


Church Office Hours

Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 2pm

You may contact us by phone 705-324-4666 or email office@st-pauls-lindsay.ca

Personal and Food Needs:
If you are home bound or are forced to self-isolate and are in need of food or toiletries, please call the office during office hours and let Valerie know.

Stay SafePlease be Aware

A few members have been getting spoof emails claiming to be from Rev. Bonnie Skerritt or even Rev. Warren Leibovitch, asking for help.  Please be aware that none of these are from either of our Reverends and they would never approach anyone in this way.  Please be safe from spoof and phishing emails.

Check the sender, it is often a strange email address that has nothing to do with the person sending the email or the church.

DESIGNATED GIVINGS # 215 for the month of July will be in support of Habitat for Humanity. Now that some of the basic materials for home-building have risen so steeply in price, Habitat has more need than ever for supportive funding from us. And we should keep in mind Habitat’s “Re-Store” next to Giant Tiger in Lindsay.

Here we can help by donating and buying home furnishings, lamps, small appliances, and more, all in good condition and modestly priced.

Sunday Services

YouTubeOnline services are now  live streamed on Sundays at 10am on  St. Paul’s YouTube channel, They are then available on Mondays here on our sermons page.  Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel and Facebook page.  Please visit our sermon page to watch current and past sermons/services.

You can also get an alert when we go live, click on the bell to the right of the subscribed box. Our YouTube channel is at
http://bit.ly/stpaulslive We look forward to seeing you there!

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Questions or concerns?
Call one of our Wardens: Jo-anne (705) 324-6057 or Lorna (705) 344-1746.


Consider giving the same amount that you would normally give while in church as a Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR). Fill out the form here with whatever you can manage. And you can get it to us in a few ways: print off, fill out, and either:

A) mail into the Church office
B) drop off at the church during office hours
C) use the Locked mail box on the wall of the Russell St W. door
D) Call the office and ask for their form to be picked up
E) For the digitally savvy, scan the form, and attach it to an email and send to the office at office@st-pauls-lindsay.ca.

For one off donations, you can use Paypal, below.

Thank you.

Upcoming Events

What a wonderful idea!  We are hoping that we can start having in person services again and having our fun fundraising get togethers.  Here are a few things to plan for if pandemic regulations allow.

  • 50/50 Online Draw (continues)
    Draw 2 August 15 to October 23, 2021 (Tickets go on sale August 15)
    Draw 3 October 26 to December 20, 2021    Tickets can be purchased any time after August 15
    Price 1 FOR $3.00 OR 2 for $5.00 After August 15 – May be purchased online (www.st-pauls-lindsay.ca) or in church office
  • 28th Annual Mystery Dinner Theatre – October 23, 2021 at 7 pm with Chef Edna
  • November is 185th anniversary of our church. The first recorded service at St Paul’s was held on November 27, 1836.