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Weekly Sermons

Weekly Sermons

St. Paul’s records our weekly services. They are listed below by date, preacher’s name and topic (if one is given). We hope you enjoy this opportunity to listen to a sermon you may have missed.

Now that people are able to go to church on Sundays, the recorded service will be uploaded on Monday on St. Paul’s YouTube channel, and shared on Facebook. It won’t be uploaded here until Monday, however we are hoping to live-stream our services in the New Year at some point (through Facebook) so you can watch it live then.  We will still update the website on Mondays.

Sound quality

A few people are commenting that they are having trouble hearing our services in our new system. To help, please note that there are two places that you can adjust your sound on your computer. The first is on YouTube itself (see image # 1) and the second is at the bottom right (#2) of your taskbar near the time. This will be different if you are using a tablet. You can still raise the volume on YouTube as well as the device you are using.

Laptops and tablets have very small speakers, so if you are still experiencing issues with sound, it may be best to connect your device to bluetooth speakers or wear headphones.

We hope that this helps with any issues you are experiencing.

YouTube Sound

Bulletins for each week are located here.

We have created an archive page for any sermons or services that are older than what you see on this page.  To see those sermons, click here.

  • November 1, 2020 – Full Service
    Rev. Susan Tate gives the sermon at approximately 14 minutes in.  To follow along with the service, you can view the program here.
  • October 25, 2020 Full Service
    Rev. Dr. Warren Leibovitch’s final sermon starts at approximately 15 minutes into the service.  The title of the sermon is “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”

    To follow along, please see our bulletin page for this week’s bulletin.