Bible Challenge

Bible Challenge

St. Paul’s had this challenge back in 2014.  The original Bible Challenge has finished, but we have found others that you can follow.

read-the-bible-in-a-yearHelpful points

  • Use a bible that is easy for you to read.
  • If you have read it before choose a different translation.
  • If you have children read one of the passages together.
  • If there is too much text to read choose either the Old Testament or the New Testament and stick with that…..

Make it work for you and your family and life situation!


Here is a link to the a website Back to the Bible for guides on what to read each day.  The bible is a huge book and overwhelming if you look at it as a whole.  There are various plans so you can read approximately ten minutes a day to break it down and absorb what you are reading.