Gift Cards

Gift CardsPurchase a Gift Card for a Cause

St. Paul’s is able to raise much needed funds by selling shopping cards to our parishioners. For each card sold, a portion of the face value comes back to the church. The card costs the parishioner no more than the face value of it.

We have cards that allow us to buy groceries at Valu-Mart, Loblaw’s, National Grocers, LaMantias Country Market, M&M’s and Food Basics; gasoline at Loblaws or Canadian Tire; or house- goods at Home Hardware or Canadian Tire and restaurant meals at Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Kelsey’s, Montana’s and Tim Horton’s.

Cards range in price from $10.00 to $250.00

Why not buy cards for stores where you would shop anyway and help support the church at the same time.

You can purchase your gift cards in various denominations after church each Sunday and at events. Linda Todd is our gift card co-ordinator and you can reach her at 705-324-7439 for more information.

St. Paul’s Gift Cards Make Great Gifts.

Here is the list of cards we sell:

  • Restaurant cards – Boston Pizza, Kelsey (includes Montanas, Swiss Chalet, Harveys, etc. ) Pane Vino, Tim Horton’s, Hobarts
  • Grocery Stores – Food Basics, Loblaws (includes Valu Mart and National Grocers ), La Mantias
  • Department Stores – Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Giant Tiger
  • Other – Shoppers Drug Mart, Winners