"To know Jesus and make Him known."

Rev. Canon Gloria Master

The Reverend Canon Gloria Master, Incumbent (Interim)

My husband Don and I have been married for almost 48 years. I grew up in Toronto and Don is from Windsor. We moved to Brampton in 1977 where our children grew up and all still live there. We have 3 sons and 3 daughters-in-law. Our 4 grandchildren (2 girls and 2 boys) are 13, almost 12 and 2 years old. The youngest is 5 months old. Dogs and cats round out the family.

Don worked for Ontario Hydro as a power engineer and then at Boeing until he retired. I worked p/t doing offering programs for preschoolers at our local library. I am a cradle Anglican of the Anglo-catholic variety and graduated from Trinity College with a B.A. more years ago than I care to admit to.

Like so many others, I drifted away from church attendance until, ironically enough, our sons asked why we didn’t go to church. The Heart Lake area of Brampton was a new development and the Anglican Church was the first permanent church built in the community. It became the venue for most family oriented groups and events. So, it was a natural question. Long story short, I became deeply immersed in the worship life of the parish and, with encouragement from Fr. David became a chalice bearer, Sunday school teacher (of course), member of Advisory Board and whatever else came my way. In hindsight, it was all a lesson to me in the value of a community oriented church whose members are active and visible within that wider community and practicing what they profess to believe.

Rev Canon Gloria MasterI am a life-long learner and it was always my intention to return to school once our youngest son was in high school. The surprise was that instead of applying to the School of Library Science at U. of T., without even thinking about it, I applied for the M.Div. program at Trinity as a non-ordination stream student. I was clear that I was interested in enhancing my knowledge as a catechist and told that Dean, when asked, that I had no intention of ever seeking ordination. Then I asked to serve on Chapel teams and participated in all of the student placement programs and just never understood it to be anything more than an interest in learning.

I graduated in from Trinity College in 1998 with a M.Div. with Honours and returned to life as I knew it and as I intended it to be. Through a series of circumstances; an insightful Spiritual Director and a supportive Bishop I was ordained a Curate in 2001. So, I realize in writing that date here that I will celebrate 20 years of ordained ministry this May. That is why you will hear me say quite frequently, “God works!”

In September of 2005, I was asked by then Bishop Colin Johnson to become Incumbent of the Parish of Belmont which was struggling to survive. We bought a home in Norwood. I retired and stayed on in the parish part-time until recently. Along the way I was appointed Liturgical Officer for Trent Durham Area and Regional Dean for Peterborough by the Bishop Linda and those appointments have been renewed by Bishop Riscylla.

From October 2019, I served for the first time as an Interim Priest at St. John’s, Lakefield when their Incumbent retired and they went through the process of seeking a new Priest to lead their parish forward. Very recently, as you know, I was asked to be a part of the St. Paul’s community as your Priest-in-Charge while you now seek to consider what God is asking of you, the Parish of St. Paul’s, in shaping ministry for your congregation and in service to the people of Lindsay.

I am happy to be in your sanctuary on Sunday and amongst you in ministry.